SF6 Gas Density Monitor, DN63

Sheet No.: 1-992 GB

The gas density monitor is used where

a specific density is needed to make a “stand

alone” sealed system function according to

the performance of the system. During

installation and filling of the system the

temperature of the gas and the instrument

should be almost equal.

Practical use of the monitor:

Sealed pressurised casings for high voltage

switchgear, high power transformers and

submerge power and telecommunication

cables filled with gas i.e. SF6-gas.


1% at ambient temperature +20°C

2.5% at ambient temperature -20 to +60 °C

With calibration pressure in accordance with reference isochor

(Reference diagram Sulphur Hexafluoride by Dr. Döring 1979)


-1 to +1 bar

Permissible ambient temperature:

Operating temperature: -20+60°C

Storage temperature: -50+60°C


Switch point  0,016 MPa

Maximum switching voltage: 250V

Switching power: 30V/50VA max 1A

High voltage test:

2kV, 50Hz, 1s (wiring against case)


Classification: ETIM 5.0

Class-ID:  EC000104,ETIM 5.0

Conductor design: Fine wire according  to DIN EN 60228 (VDE 0295), class 5 / IEC60228 class  5

Torsion application in WTG: TW-0 & TW-1, refer to appendix T0

Minimum bending radius: Occasional flexing: 10 x outer diameter

In power chains: 15 x outer diameter

Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter

Temperature range: Occasional flexing: -15°C to  +70°C

In power chains: -5°C to +70°C

Fixed installation: -40°C to +80°C

Nominal voltage: U0/U: 300/500 V

Test voltage: 4000 V

Pressure system leak test:

Leak tightness < 1 x 10^-7 mbar x l/s Helium leakage detection test.

Process connection:

Dilo coupler