Instruction manual for Indupec programming box

Sheet No.: 6-402 GB

Instruction manual


With the Programming box is it possible to re-programme the Indupec’s reference distance. This distance can be programmed from app. 0,5mm to app. 5mm. The surrounding environment influences the maximum distance of the Indupec sensor.

Further is it possible to register the maximum distance measure. If this distance is measured a warning will be given. The warning is a flashing Indicator light on the Programming box.

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 Remove the power supply from the Indupec

 Mount the power supply on the Programming box

 Connect the wire from the Programming box to the Indupec


Maximum distance

Turn off the supply switch.

Press the Programming contact down, and keep it down.

Turn on the supply switch.

When the Indicator light is lightning up, release the Programming contact.

Maximum distance has now been programmed.

Reference distance

Supply switch must be in on position.

Make sure the metal subject which the Indupec shall detect is in the position where the Indupec is supposed to detect it.

Press the Programming contact down, and keep it pressed down till the Indicator light in lightning up and then release the programming contact.

Reference distance is now programmed.