Differential Pressure gauge – Type P1131/32

Sheet No.:1-57GB

Differential pressure gauges

· For measuring low differential pressure

· Range from 1.2 to 250 mbar

· Scale in mbar, mmH20, “H20

· Accuracy =1.5% FS

· For use in dry, non-aggressive atmospheres 6 mm hose connection or G1/4B


The TEMPRESS differential pressure gauges P1131 and P1132 have been designed to measure very low differential pressure in gas.

The measuring system is made up of two elements. A capsule spring and the case, both fitted onto their respective connector.

As the steel case of the instrument forms part of the measuring system, only pure, dry, non-aggressive and non-condensing gas can be easured.

Typical applications:

Sterile rooms Filtermonitoring.

Dust-removing plant Ventilation equipment.

Ventilators Air conditioning equipment.

Differential pressure gaugeType P1131… / P1132
Case size
– materials

Display glass

DN63 or DN100
Steel, grey-lacquered
Optional: AISI304
Connection materials
– thread
See page 2
Measuring syst. materialsPhosphor bronze
Measuring range

Max. pressure

0–1.2 to 0–250 mbar
see page 2
1 bar
Accuracy±1.5% FS