Diaphragm seals

TEMPRESS offers a wide range of diaphragm seal connections. Diaphram seals, or chemical seals, are used for applications where the measured medium is aggressive media like in the oil or chemical industry. Diaphragms are also well suited when there are high requirements for sanitation and hygiene like in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The diaphragms are mounted on the pressure gauges or pressure transmitters.

TEMPRESS offers a choice of three different operating temperature ranges:-5/+130°C (standard), -40/+100°C or +5/+200°C.

Certain types of TEMPRESS diaphragm seals can be supplied with an EN 10204-3.1.B work’s certificate or a TEMPRESS Product Certificate which in addition to the material (3.1.B) also certifies the welding of the diaphragm.

For other types or materials than mentioned, please contact TEMPRESS or your local supplier.