SF6 Gas Density Monitor, Type A60 w. Fixed Contacts

Sheet No.: 1-990 GB

The gas density monitor is used where

a specific density is needed to make a “stand

alone” sealed system function according to

the performance of the system. During

installation and filling of the system the

temperature of the gas and the instrument

should be almost equal.

Practical use of the monitor:

Sealed pressurised casings for high voltage

switchgear, high power transformers and

submerge power and telecommunication

cables filled with gas i.e. SF6-gas.


Modified pressure gauge with Bourdon tube,

Build-in temperature compensation.

Accuracy: ± 1 % at 20 °C

Filling and working pressure as specified by



Nominal diameter: 100 mm gauge housing

Wetted parts : Cu-alloy

Contact system: Magnetic snap-action, fix point position


Max. 3 alarm contacts. Mutual common or optinal

separate circuits.

Contact material: Silfram W3O

Contact rating: 30W DC / 50 VA AC

Contact breaking: max 1 Amp.

Electrical connection:Terminal box at the side of


Cable gland M 20×1,5

Exterior cable diameter: 7 – 13 mm Traction-relief

Screw terminals acc. 1,5 mm2

Protection class: IP65

Presssure connection: ½” BSP

Bottom or back entry.

Pressure element: C-shape Bourdon tube

Burst pressure: 10 x nominal pressure

Leak tested: Helium, rate< 10-9 l/ sec Movement: Bimetal link Bearings in nickel silver Movements in Cu-alloys Housing: AISI 304 Glass: Polycarbonate Dial: Aluminum, graduation, numerals and colored sectors to specified by order. Filling: Dry or Polybutene’


-1 to 25 (60) bar, to be specified by order

± 2,5 % at –20 °C and 60 °C

Bar or Kg/cm2 as per order


Operating temperature:

-20 °C to 70°C

Storage temperature:

-30°C to 85 °C

Overall protection class:

IP 65

Calibrated within

-20 °C to 60 °C