Pressure Transmitter with diaphragm seal – Type P1232

Sheet No.: 2-600GB

TEMPRESS pressure transmitter with diaphragm seal

Pressure transmitter specifically designed for diaphragm seal

Sanitary design

CE approved

All in AISI 316

Temperature compensated

Long term stability

Measuring ranges acc. to international standard

4-20 mA output signal

IP 65 plug


-Remote reading with capillary tube

-Cable version, IP 65 or IP 68 -With display


The fact that TEMPRESS is the manufacturer of both the diaphragm seal and the pressure transmitter, ensures that the two parts work together in the best possible way.

The pressure transmitter is designed to withstand an over-pressure of 50% without influencing the calibration.

For specifications and selection of diaphragm seal please refer to specific data sheet.

Tempress offers:

Instruments manufactured to the ISO 9001 certification

Reliable, accurate and high quality products

Competent and professional advice

Power Supply: 9-32 VDC
Output Signal: Option40-20 mA0-20mA or V signal
Measuring range:250/400/600 mbar
Zero-point displacement:+/- 1% of span

Linearity, hysteresis and
repeatability: Option
˂+/-1% of span (best fit straight line)

+/-0,25% of span

Temperature compensation: Option-20 °C to +80° C -50° C to + 125° C
Operation temperature:-40° C to + 125° C
Long term stability: ˂+/- 0,1% of span/12 months
Insulation: EMC : Load (4-20mA):v500 M n@500VDC EN50082-2
≤750 n@24 VDC supply
Electrical connection:OptionPlug 43650-A, PG11, IP65 PUR
cable IP 65 or IP 68