Extended refrigeration Scale

Sheet No.:1-48GB

Pressure gauge with extended ref. scale

The first 25 – 40 % of the range is extended to 67 % of the scale.

For pressure gauges for refrigeration industry— the temperature can be read accurately.

also at low temperatures, e.g. at -50°C— the upper end of the range is still displayed— no need for an expensive over range protection

  • better control of the cooling process
  • better economy

TEMPRESS pressure gauges are always without a “0-pin”which means correct reading also at “0” pressure

Available in case sizes 100 and 160 mm

Extended refrigeration scale -1–0–2–12 bar

Standard refrigeration scale -1–0–12 bar

When ordering:

Order the refrigeration pressure gauge as described in data sheet 1-40, 1-41 and 1-42.

Add ” extended refrigeration scale -1-0-2-12″.

For exact information about available ranges and refrigerants

please contact TEMPRESS sales department.