Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal

Sheet No.: 1-600 GB

Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal

  • Pressure gauge specifically designed for diaphragm seal
  • Liquid filled / vibration proof
  • Pulsation damped
  • Bottom or rear connection
  • Temperature compensated
  • Safety blow-out
  • Accuracy EN837-1 Class 1.0 (±1%FS)


  • Remote reading with capillary tube
  • Built-in contact
  • Built-in 4-20 mA transmitter
  • Overrange protection
  • Certificates
  • Dry version


Diaphragm seal systems are particularly suited for measuring aggressive, highly viscous or crystalling media. When used with a capillary or a cooling tower, the diaphragm seal can protect the measuring instrument at high process temperatures.

The diaphragm seal must be fitted with an instrument at our factory in order to make a well functioning gauge. The fact that TEMPRESS is the manufacturer of both the diaphragm seal and the pressure gauge, ensures that the two parts work together in the best possible way.

The pressure gauge is designed to withstand an overpressure of 30% pressure peaks without influencing the calibration.

For specifications and selection of diaphragm seal, please refer to data sheet for each specific connection.

TEMPRESS offers:

  • Reliable, accurate and high quality products
  • Competent and professional advice
  • Gauges manufactured to the ISO 9001 certification
A32DN63 Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal
A33DN80 DN100 DN160 Pressure gauge with diaphragm
seal, direct mounting
A37DN100 Pressure gauge with diaphragm
seal and signal output
Case diameter
DN 63, DN 80, DN100, DN 160

Case material
AISI 316, glass blasted
Glass face
Toughened glass
Bottom or rear
9, 12 or 3 o’clock
Liquid filling
Glycerine, silicone oil
or dry
Ambient temperature
0/+60 °C (glycerine filled)
-40/+50 °C (silicone oil filled)
-10/+70 °C (dry version)
-10/+120 °C (dry version)
Compensated temp. range0-60° C
AccuracyCl.1.0 (±1.0% FS)
Other specificationsConsult TEMPRESS