Pressure Gauge, DN63 – Type P1116 – Standard Line

Sheet No.: 1-330GB

Standard stainless steel pressure gauge, type P1116

  • The TEMPRESS P1116 pressure gauge has been designed using a stainless steel case and brass connection
  • Liquid filled case
  • Mounting: Bottom or rear
  • Connection: 1/4” BSP in brass
  • Scale in bar


The design of the TEMPRESS P1116 pressure gauge ensures resistance to vibrations and pressure pulsations.

The TEMPRESS P1116 pressure gauge is an ideal choice for general industry and marine use.

TEMPRESS pressure gauge type P1116 is as standard delivered with bar scale, direct mounting and 1/4 BSP connection. This version is offered at very competitive prices and short delivery time.

Other versions, e.g. range in PSI, MPa, kg/cm² or other connections are offered in quantities of 100 pieces with a delivery time of 8 weeks.

Pressure Gauge: Type P1116
Case size:

Case material:
Display face


Stainless steel
Stainless steel

MountingDirect, bottom or reel
Front ring and u-clamp available
Measuring systemCopper alloy
Liquid filligGlycerine
Measuring rangeFrom -1 to 1000 bar
Minimum span:1 bar
AccuracyEN837 Class 1,6 (1,6% FS)
Presure utilizationStatic pressure 75% of Pmax.
Dynamic pressure 66% og Pmax.
Operating temperature-20-0+80° C