Temperature Transmitter- Type P2208-T

Sheet No.: 4-62 GB

Temprerature Transmitter Type 2208-T

  • Standard Range: -50 … +50°C / 0 .. 100 °C
  • Output: 4… 20 mA or 0… 10V
  • Supply 12. .. 30 Vdc
  • Accuracy: <± 0.4% of range
  • Ambient temperature: -20…70°C


  • EXi version on request


• pneumatics / hydraulics

• Water

• food and beverage

• General Industrial Application

• Pharmaceutical Industry

The compact industrial screw-in transmitter P2208-T is designed for temperature measurement in liquids or gases in piping, air ducts or containers in mechanical engineering, plant engineering and apparatus engineering.

The active industrial screw-in transmitter P2208-T converts the temperature resistance of the sensor into a linear 0-10V voltage signal or a 4-20 mA current signal.

The sensor can be connected directly to a 1 / 4 inch screw-in tap hole.

The P2208-T is equipped with a G ¼” process connector.

Sensor Element
≤0,4% range
Standard range
Other ranges
-50°+50° C or 0°-100° C
On request
Output4-20 mA or 0-10 V
Supply12-30 V dc
Immersion tubeV2A 1.4301, Ø6mm
HousingV2A 1.4301, SW 22 mm
Ambient temperature-20°+70° C
Electrical connectionPlug acc. DIN6344
(cable connections and other plugs on request)