Pressure gauges and thermometers With 4-20 mA Signal out

Sheet no. 5-22 GB

Pressure gauges and thermometerswith 4-20 mA signal out

• Unique solution for local and remote reading in one instrument

• One process connection only

• For reliable signal out

• Vibration proof

• For dry and liquid filled instruments

• Direct mounted or with diaphragm seal


This unique integrated solution supplies local and remote reading in one instrument, which means that only one process connection is needed.

Almost all types of TEMPRESS pressure gauges and thermometers can be delivered with a 4-20 mA signal out. This signal out can be used to trigger alarm functions or simple actuating controls.

The 4-20 mA Signal is supplied by an inbuilt angular position transmitter which transforms the reading of the pointer to an electronic signal ensuring the same reading for local and remote display.

The angular position transmitter is based on an optoelectrical principle which guarantees a high degree of operational reliability and stable output signals, even during difficult operating conditions.

By accidental electronic shut-down, the signal from the position transmitter will immediately show the true value when reestablished.
The angular position transmitter is also available as EX version.

Electronic specifications
Supply voltage2-wire
14-30 V DC
Power consumption˂ 38 mA
Output signal4-20 mA
Load resistance R10-800 Ohm
Residual voltage on output signal˂ 10 mVs
Linear deviation˂ 1
Optional ˂ 0.5
Maximum angular velocity2000°/sec
Vibration resistance10G. 100-2000 Hz 3- axis
Shock resistance100G. 6-axis
EMC tested According to IEC 801-2/-3/-4 and -5
TypeA14, A37