Pressure gauges and thermometers with alarm contacts for high – low warning

Sheet no. 5-21 GB

Pressure gauges and thermometers with contact system

• Unique solution for local and remote reading in one instrument

• One process connection only

• For reliable signal out

• Vibration proof

• For dry and liquid filled instruments

• Direct mounted or with diaphragm seal


The contact system can be used for alarm functions or simple actuating controls. The contact is simply set at the customer defined value where the contact function is required.

With a few exceptions TEMPRESS’ dry and liquid filled pressure gauges and thermometers can be delivered with one, two or three built-in contacts.

TEMPRESS’ product range offeres contact systems without magnet, with magnet, inductive or electric impulse. For systems with or without magnet the contact pins are standard in silver but can also be supplied in gold – e.g. for low voltages such as 24VDC.

For detailed description of each contact system and its specifications please refer to TEMPRSS’ datasheet for precision contacts.

Contact sytemKN – without magnet
KM – with magnet
KI – inductive
KE – electronic
Instrment sizePressure gauge DN100 and DN160 on request
Thermomter DN100
Number of contact1, 2, or 3
FunctionsBreak, close or shift
Pressure gauge
A14, A37
A82, A83