Inductive sensor for piston detection

Sheet No.: 6-401 GB


  • Mounting directly in oil port
  • Detecting end position of piston
  • Housing and detector unit is designed to separate without spillage of oil, if mechanical distortion should occur
  • Low build-in height
  • The top can turn 355° around. Therefore it is possible to choose the optimal output angle for the connector
  • Plug and play solution
  • Reliable in all environments
  • Increased operation safety
  • Extremely precise detection
  • Longer durability
  • Less downtime
  • No adjustment
  • Easy cable-leading
  • Replaceable at once by crew
  • More safety on board

Electrical specifications:

Rated operational voltage               (Ue) 8,2    VDC

(UB) 6—9 VDC

Ui    12,1  VDC

Self inductance                                      Li     90    uH

Selv capacitance                                    Ci    180  nF

No load protection current (Io)    Activated:  1 mA

Not activated:  2,2 mA

Max. 13 mA

Protection Trancient voltage       Reverse polarity


Assured operation distance Sa   1,0 mm

Ambient temperature

Operating -25 + 70°C

Storage -30 + 80°C

Wiring diagram

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Electrical connector 4 poles, IEC 947-5-2

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Mechanical specifications:


Body and house                      Stainless steel (316)

Front                                        AI2O2 (ceramic)

Treaded housing                    3/8” BSP

Sealing                                     Doughty ring or similar

Designed for pressure or Max. Allowable operating pressure:

(MAPO)static                                 =500 bar (50 Mpa)

(MAPO)dyn.                                   =400 bar (40 Mpa)

(Test Pressure)                              =600 bar (40 Mpa)