FAP600/FAP610 – ATEX/DNV Transmitters


Series of FAP600/610 Pressure Transmitter are widely uesed to measure pressure, flux and liquid’s height and weight in many fields, such as aerospace, oil, chemical industry, mine,mechanical field, geology, hydrology, and so on.

Intrisically safe explosion proof pressure transmitter must be used together with safety gate to form an intrisically safe system.

This product comforms to EN 60079-0: 2009 ,EN 60079-11:2007 and EN 60079-26:2007 standards and the explosion proof symbol is Ex ia IIC T4. It is safe to use in explosive gas zones such as 0 Zone,1 Zone, 2 Zone, A Ⅱ ~ C, and T1 Ⅱ ~T4.

pic-Atex-logo                 II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga


  • Pneumatics / Hydraulics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Water treatment
  • General industrial applications
  • Marine applications
Product seriesModelType
FAP600FAP600-00-ADirect type – AISI316L
FAP600FAP600-00-BDirect type – Titanium grade II
FAP600FAP600-01-AThreaded type G1/2 – AISI316L
Threaded type G1/2 – Titanium grade II
Threaded type M20x1,5 – AISI316L
FAP600FAP600-02-BThreaded type M20x1,5 – Titanium grade II

FAP600 level transmtitter is available in 6 different models. As per abvoe table.

Connections Diagram FAP600 Level transmitter

FAP600 – Level transmitter – Dimensions

Product seriesModelType
FAP610FAP610-00-AThread type G1/4 – AISI316L
FAP610FAP610-00-BThread type G1/4 – Titanium grade II
FAP610FAP610-01-AThreaded type G1/2 – AISI316L
Threaded type G1/2 – Titanium grade II
FAP610FAP6100-02-AThreaded type M20x1,5 – AISI316L
FAP610FAP610-02-BThreaded type M20x1,5 – Titanium grade II

FAP610 pressure transmtitter is available in 6 different models. As per abvoe table.

Connections Diagram FAP610 pressure transmitter

FAP610 – Pressure transmitter – Dimensions

Power supply24 V DC24 V DC
Accuracy+/- 0,25%+/- 0,25%
Out put4-20 mA4-20 mA
Pressure range0-200 mHO-1+40 kgf/cm2
Proof pressure1.5x Full scale1.5x Ful scale
Burst pressure2.5x Full scale2.5x Full scale
Electrical connectionCable, PURHirschmann plug
.Length up to 200 m.
Sensor elementCeramicSilicone, oil filled
Material AISI316L or TitaniumAISI316L or Titanium
Ui: ≤28VDC; Ii=93mA; Pi=0.65W; Ci=2nF; Li=0mH Ui: ≤28VDC; Ii=93mA; Pi=0.65W; Ci=2nF; Li=0mH


  1. FAP610 pressure tranmistter of HSM, shell material is plastic, potentially dangerous electrostatic charge, avoid friction should be used,please use a damp cloth to wipe clean.
  2. Pressure transmitter titanium shell material, should avoid the impact or friction caused by the risk of ignition

Special Conditions for Safe Use

Titanium enclosures cannot be installed in zone 0 unless mounted in an outer enclosure according to EN 60079-0 paragraph 8.1.2.