Cooling tower for instruments with Diapragm Seal

Sheet No.: 1-1001 GB

TEMPRESS cooling tower for pres-sure gauges and pressure trans-mitters with diaphragm seal

  • Temperature of media up to 300°C
  • Minimum influence on accuracy
  • Maximum pressure 150 bar


The TEMPRESS cooling tower for pressure gauges and pressure transmitters with diaphragm seal makes it possible to mount the instruments on processes with very high temperatures in the media, up to 300°C. The indication error for instruments with a cooling tower depends on a number of factors, but especially the ambient temperature and the wind speed

The chilling ribs reduce the influence from the media temperature significantly, which is very  important, as the temperature in the instrument case is crucial for the size of the indication error.

By a ambient temperature of 23°C, a wind speed of 0 m/s and a tempera-ture in the media of 200°C the temperature at the top of the cooling tower will be approx. 52°C and the indication error ˂60 mbar.

Cooling tower
MaterialAISI 316
Media temperature: -40°C … +300°C
Indication error – have influence from
– media temperature
– ambient temperature
– wind speed
Transmission fluid:

Glycerine 90/10
≤130°C, max. temperature
˂100 bar, max. pressure
Glycerine 
≤200°C, max. temperature
˂100 bar, max. pressure
Silicone oil DC550
≤300°C, max temperature
˂150 bar, max pressure
Pressure range:

-1 bar … +150 bar
(vacuum see page 2)
Fixed diaphragm 1):
Welded diaphragm2):
Max. media temp. 220°C
Max. media temp. 300°C
1) see data sheet

2) see data sheet

1-602, 610, 615, 650, 690, 768, 820, 825
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