Bellow Diaphragm seal – Seawater & salt resistant – 1-590 GB

Sheet No.: 1-590 GB

Bellow diaphragm seal – seawater and salt resistant

  • Diaphragm of VITON
  • Thread in salt resistant materials
  • Seawater and salt resistant
  • Works on both pressure gauges and transmitters
  • Media temperature of up to 80°C(265°F)
  • Ambient temperature of up to 60°C(140°F)
  • Process connection ½” BSP

Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal

TEMPRESS has come up with a solution for separating abrasive or crystallizing media from the measuring device.

The bellow is produced in a way that minimizes the seal resistance so even a pressure span of 0-1 bar can be handled without affecting the accuracy of the specific instrument.

The bellow is also able to handle pressures up to 1600 bar – without being damaged.

The bellow seal can be mounted on any kind of pressure measuring equipment and will not extend the geometry to more than 40 mm of length.

The nipple is standard ½” BSP and the flat gasket is outside Ø 18 and inside Ø 12,5

TypeBellow diaphragm seal
Thread size
Material, standard
½” BSP
AISI316 or S3 2203 super duplex
Other materials on request
Diaphragm Viton
Measuring range –
Minimum span
Maximum span
0-1600 bar
Medium temperature
Ambient temperature
Up to 80° C
Up to 60 °C
Accuracy Class 1,0 (On pressure gauges)
Class 0,5 (On pressure transmitters)
Measuring unitBar