A86 Mechatronic Rigid Stem Thermometer

Sheet No.: 3-35 GB

Mechatronic rigid stem thermometer

Two different sensors measure at one and same point

No measurement errors owing to different temperatures at two separate points

Ideal position of both sensors

Immediately comparable results

Only one terminal socket necessary

A combined instrument

The mechatronic rigid stem Thermo-meter combines the well-known TEMPRESS rigid stem thermometer and an electronic temperature sensor (thermocouple type K), into one useful tool.

Due to its construction, with the electronic sensor lead running through the thermometer stem into the bulb, both the sensor and the thermometer can be exchanged independently.

The TEMPRESS mechatronic rigid stem thermometer – for greater precision


TEMPRESS mechatronic rigid stem thermometer reduces temperature deviations significantly by combining a mechanic thermometer with an electronic temperature sensor.

When the two instruments are used independently, deviations of up 15% (as much as 60°C at 400°C) have been recorded because the measurement is taken at two separate points.

By combining the two instruments and measuring at a single point, the mechatronic rigid stem thermometer reduces maximum deviation of the two readouts to a maximum of 12,1°C (1,6% at 600°C = 9,6°C + 0,0075% at 600°C = 4,5°C), corresponding to the tolerance of both measuring systems.

Case size:
Case material:
Liquid filling:
Shaft material:
– length:
Immersion probe, diameter:
Standard lengths:
DN 100
AISI 316
Silicone oil
150 mm.(Option: up to 200 mm.)
Ø13 mm
Min. DL 115 mm.
DL115, DL150, DL200, DL250 and DL300
G¾ union or acc. To data sheet 3-100
Measuring range:
Ambient temperature:

0-500, 0-600 and 50-650 °C
(dual scale: 0-500°C / 40-900°F, 0-600°C / 40-1120°F and 50-650°C / 120-1200°F)

≤ 1,6% FSD
0+100 °C
transitorily up to 150 °C (300°F)

Temperature sensor:


Cable length:


T/C type K, (NiCr-Ni)
2-wire, (+= green, -= white)
Glass fibre / SS braid

Std. 2 meter. (option: acc. to request, in full meters)

IEC 584-2, class 2
(t ≤333°C = ±2,5°C / t>333°C = ±0,0075%)