A7801 Thermometer DN 63 type

Sheet No.: 11-131 GB

TEMPRESS thermometer, type A7801

Totally acid proof stainless steel, AISI316

Compact design

Flexible mounting

Easy to read

Good accuracy

Long-term stability

Fast reaction time

Liquid filled

Kept in stock

Competitive price


TEMPRESS thermometer, type A7801, is a qual­ity instrument for use in food and beverage or phar­maceutical applications, where there is a need for reliable and easy-to-read temperature gauges.

The thermometer is in a liquid filled 63 mm case with either a bottom or rear immersion tube, and it is made of totally acid proof stainless steel, AISI 316. The immersion tube is smooth and the thermo­meter is normaly mounted with a compression pocket for welding or with clamp. For auxiliary proc­esses a screwed compression gland or pocket can be used (see data sheet 3-15).

The instrument has a built-in bimetallic compen­sation. This permits a very high ambient tempera­ture (up to 100°C) which means it can be mounted directly onto e.g. steam pipes.

A7801 is a gas filled expansion thermometer. The particular advantages of this principle are, long-term stability, fast reaction time and good accuracy.

ThermometerType A7801
Case size material:
Front ring
Front glass
Liquid filling
AISI 316 natural
Tempered safety glass
Silicone oil
Immersion tube
Sensor (bulb)
Bottom or rear
AISI 316
Ø10 mm
L70, L100, L130, L190 and L280
28 mm
Measuring range and accuracy
-40-60°C ±2°C (-30…+50°C)
0-120°C ±2°C (+10…110°C)
0-160°C ±2°C (+20…140°C)
Ambient temperature
-40°C – 80°C
(short-term (˂8 hours)100°C)
(but not above max. scale value, e.g. 60°C)