Pressure gauge with fractional seal – Type A46

Sheet No.: 11-111GB

Fractional seal pressure gauge

  • 3A” APC clamp (3/4″ Tri-clamp®) diaphragm seal connection
  • All electropolished stainless steel, AISI 316
  • All over surface finish Ra <0.5 μm (<20μ")
  • Maximum medium temperature 150°C / 300°F
  • Accuracy next to none, class 1.6
  • Unmatched small temperature influence
  • Liquid filled or dry gauge
  • Autoclaveable
  • SIP’able and CIP’able
  • Product Certificate EN 1024-3.1 standard from stock


TEMPRESS fractional seal pressure gauge is a unique product of a very high quality.

Each instrument is tested and hand calibrated.

The fractional seal pressure gauge is used within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries where the 3/4″ APC clamp (3/4″ Tri-clamp®) has become the most used standard.

All surfaces of the gauge are electropolished to meet almost any sanitary and biotech application.

The fractional seal pressure gauges are available as dry gauges and as liquid filled gauges. Both types can be autoclaved.

TEMPRESS patented temperature compensation system (US patent No. 3 938 393) ensures an accurate display. Under conditions where the ambient temperature may vary, automatic com­pensation is made.

The temperature compensation system also functions as a blow-out mechanism. Should the measuring system burst due to excess pressure, the temperature compensation system is forced out the back of the instrument.

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Pressure Gauges fraction sealType A4601
Case sizeDN 63 (2.5″)
Case material
Display face
Filling liquid
AISI 316, electropolished
Tempered safety glass
AISI 316 electropolished
Transmission liquid
3/4″ APC clamp
AISI 316L,
electropolished ˂0.5μm (˂20 μ”)
Glycerine, 99.5% (PH.EUR/US)
Measuring rangeSee page 2 Scale Dual range, bar/psi
(bar – red / psi – blue)
AccuracyClass 1.6 (± 1.6 %/FS)
Medium temperature
Ambient temperature
Thermal drift
40°F-300°F 5°C-80°C
40°F-176°F See diagram page 2
Autoclaving temp.Maximum 125°C / 250°F