Pressure gauge with diaphragm – 1½ Tri-Clamp ISO 2852 – Type A33

Sheet No.: 1-581 GB
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Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal

1½” Tri-Clamp® (DN38) ISO clamp

TEMPRESS pressure gauge  with diaphragm seal, type A330301/4110TR7604 with 1½” clamp is made of stain-less steel, AISI 316

  • Diaphragm of AISI 316L
  • Hygienic
  • Pressure gauge DN 100,with bottom connection
  • Temperature compensated
  • Media temperature of up to 130°C(265°F)
  • Ambient temperature of up to 60°C(140°F)
  • Lower parts with other connections e.g. G3/8B, G½B and 1½” welding liner
  • Stock item

Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal

The TEMPRESS pressure gauge with dia-phragm seal is an ideal solution in situations where the medium is not to come in contact with the instrument´s measuring system whether for reasons of hygiene or due to the thick, crystallising or polluted nature of the medium.

The TR7604 diaphragm seal is a hygienic 1½” clamp(Tri-Clamp®) which fulfils the standard of ISO 2852.

The ultra-thin diaphragm in stainless and acid resistant steel is welded to the top part, allow-ing it considerable freedom of movement. This gives the instrument a high degree of durabi-lity and a level of precision better than ±1% F.S.

Temperature compensated

The unique temperature compensation sy-stem guarantees a correct reading even du-ring extreme variations in the ambient tem-perature.

The system automatically compensates for changes in the ambient temperature of up to 60°C (140°F).

A wide range of other possibilities

The pressure gauge with diaphragm seal is one of more than 150 types TEMPRESS can supply.

Please contact our sales department or your local TEMPRESS representative for further information.

Type A330301Pressure gauge w. diaphragm seal
Case size
Case material Display
Glass face
Liquid filling
DN 100
AISI 316, glass-bead blasted
Tempered safety glass
AISI 316
Diaphragm material
Transmission fluid
1½” (DN 38) clamp acc. to ISO 2852
Glycerine, 90/10
Measuring range –
Minimum span
Over range Protection
-1–0 bar to 0–100 bar
1 bar
Pmax + 30%
Medium temperature
Ambient temperature
-5 °C to 130 °C (23–265°F)
Span ˂ 2,0 bar 0–50°C (32–120°F)
Span ˃ 2,0 bar 0–60°C (32–140°F)
Temp. dependence

Class 1,0 (±1 % af FS)
˂ 60 mbar at 100°C (0,87 psi at 212°F)
Cl. 1,0 (±1 % FS)
Measuring units

bar, Kpa, Mpa, Kp/cm3,
Kg/cm2, Ib/in2, psi, mH2O
mbar, “HG, cmHg,
When dual scale marking is selected
the main unit is the inner scala.