Pressure gauge. Type A12

Sheet No.: 1-25 GB

 Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

  • The Tempress A1203 pressure gauge has been designed and constructed using AISI 316 stainless and acid-proof steel
  • Vibration proof
  • Long term stable
  • Connection: Bottom or rear
  • Many different thread connections
  • Scale in accordance with international standard
  • DNV approved


This series of pressure gauges is well suited for application in general industry, marine industry as well as for auxiliary installation in the food industry.

Modular design

The Tempress program of connecting  nipples and mounting auxiliaries makes it possible to deliver thread type and mounting form as required.

Temperature compensation

The unique temperature compensation system ensures an accurate display. Under conditions where the ambient temperature may vary, automatic compensation is made for temperature changes of up to 60°C.


The temperature compensation system also functions as a blow-out mechanism. Should the measuring system burst due to excess pressure, the temperature compensation system is pushed out the back of the instrument.

The TEMPRESS direct mount pressure gauge is DNV (Det Norske Veritas) approved.

Pressure Gauges:DN 100
Type A1203
Case material:

Front glass

Front ring

AISI 316

Tempered safety glass

AISI 316

Liquid filling˃ 2 bar Glycerine
˂ 2 bar Silicone
Option : Dry gauge
ConnectionAISI 316
See datasheet 1-260
Measuring systemAISI 316

Min. span:

From – 1 bar through 1600 bar

See ordering key 1 bar

AccuracyCl. 1.0 (± 1,0% FS)
Measuring unitsbar, Kpa, Mpa, Kp/cm3, Kg/cm2, lb/in2, psi, mH2O, mbar, “HG, cmHg.
When dual scale marking is selected, the main unit is the inner scale.
Ambient and media temperature and dimensionsSee separate data sheet
no. 1-261GB and 1-262GB