Sensing critical situations

At Tempress we keep your operations stable and safe with our sensors to control your equipment.

If you want to monitor pressure or temperature with high accuracy we can offer precision sensors from our factories in Danmark and China. For more than 60 years we have supplied mechanical gauges and electronic sensors for many applications to customers worldwide.

You can get standard products from our stock or special solutions designed together with our own R&D staff. Take a closer look at the product finder or contact us if you are looking for special requirements or need technical advice for development or construction.

Tempress is located at Aarhus, Denmark and is fully owned by ACT International Ltd., a large industrial group based in Hong Kong with factories all over China.

Please, contact us for specific advice. Contact details are below.

The history behind Tempress

The company began the production of pressure gauges and thermometers in 1949 under the name ”Fabrik for måleinstrumenter Terma Akts”, but changed the name to Tempress A/S in 1956. From 1956 to 1960 Tempress was situated in Frederiksgade, but since the company area was too small, the company moved to Engtoften at Viby in 1960.

During that period until 1983, Tempress consisted of 2 production units. One was the instrument factory on Engtoften and the other lay on Michael Drewsens Vej, where bigger units in steel and stainless steel were produced.

In 1983, the instrument factory was taken over by C.H. Dybbroe A/S and continued under the name of Tempress A/S, while the steel production unit on Michael Drewsens Vej was carried on by the former owner, under the name of Holco A/S.

The introduction of new products and production equipment in the beginning of the 1990’ies caused that the building on Engtoften became too small and as of 1 January 1993, Tempress moved to the current premises on Nordlandsvej 64-66. At this address, we succeeded in creating the ideal work frame for all the functions in the company and here was plenty of space for the continued development of Tempress.

During all the years, Tempress has produced mechanical pressure and temperature instruments and a smaller selection of level gauges and Tempress was the company in the world to liquid fill its’ pressure gauges and thermometers.

Tempress’ instruments are qualitywise among the best in the business and therefore they are sold to many of the biggest manufacturing industry companies in both Denmark and abroad. Out of the app. 100,000 instruments produced a year, about 80,000 are used outside Denmark’s borders. The biggest export markets are the Nordic countries, Germany, England and the Netherlands; but we also sell in the USA, The Far East, Australia, South America and other countries. All in all, we export to more than 30 countries around the world.

In 1999 the owner at the time, CHD Holding A/S owning 2/3 of the company, sold the company to Bjørn Sahl Holding ApS and Anders Brøndum Holding A/S. Bjørn Sahl took over as CEO from Henrik Dybbroe.

Until the change in management, Tempress, had so far, almost only been a contract manufacturing company.

Since then, we have worked towards becoming stock taking in particular selected ranges, in order to satisfy customers needs for faster deliveries.

In 2008 Bjørn Sahl Holding ApS gradually stated selling off stock to the company’s longtime distributor and partner ACT International Ltd. And since January 2012, ACT has been the sole owner of Tempress A/S.

The greatest part of Tempress’ production is still mechanical measuring instrument, but we are in a positive phase regarding the development of electronic pressure and temperature instruments. This way, Tempress can thereby meet demands of any kind within the measuring of pressure and temperature.

At Tempress we want to supply measuring instruments of the highest quality at the right price and in due time.