Improved sales organisation

Customized sales organisation and better distributor support

Mads Isager Nielsen is our new account manager in our export department. He is to ensure progress and good customer service to our distributors in ever increasing countries.

Tempress introduces many new products and obtains new customers and gains new markets and this fact demands more competent employees with technical qualifications.

A strong distributorship and new agents are imperative for Tempress’ growth and development. Our customers wish for technical support and sparring and Mads can contribute to this by creating value to our agents and distributors, who have the local contacts. With a technical background as a marine engineer with Maersk, Mads will be a strong employee in the export department.

Mads reports back to the Sales and Export Manager,Jens Christiansen, who is continuously  responsible at Tempress. In future, Jens will be responsible for large accounts, international OEM customers accross borders, management of internal sales and business development in new areas and new markets.

At the moment, Mads is working on product training and getting to know our customers and during the summer period, he will visit agents/distributors and markets.

In 2018, Tempress moved into new premises, where there is room for development of internal and external logistics. Therefore, we are ready to be a strong acctractive business partner for many years to come.